EcoGlenn was created with the purpose of making a difference by reducing our territory’s CO2 footprint, therefore leaving a legacy of better Caribbean and Central American regions for generations to come.

Our lighting experts provide our customers optimized lighting systems for their properties. This minimizes energy waste while reducing the production of carbon monoxide in our territory and providing customers with a more cost efficient lighting solution. The Energy Group provides a solution through photovoltaic generation which helps eliminate the carbon footprint all together.

EcoGlenn provides solutions that minimize waste and maximize efficiency, while preserving and enhancing quality of life-always in harmony with the environment.


  • Cree
  • SMA

  • Verbatim

  • HPS
  • Natural Light

  • AP Systems

  • Earthtronics

  • Ironridge

  • Solar World
  • Solatube
  • Kenall

  • LED Living Technologies

  • Leviton

  • Sloan
  • Brocade

  • Carmanah
  • Intermatic